Please read special letter from WEGCSS Board of Directors about changes coming to the YC:

Dear Parents / Guardians,


The W.E. Graham Community Service Society Board of Directors believe the Slocan Valley Youth Centre to be an extremely important and therefore integral part of the Society’s mandate and programming for our community. After much deliberation and consideration of the youth, the community and the Society’s mandate, the Board of Directors made this decision due to the increase in intoxication, bullying and vandalism taking place at the youth centre as well as in our community as the youth centre is no longer consistent with WEGCSS values.

We are writing this letter to inform you of some changes that will be taking place at the Slocan Valley Youth Centre. The youth centre will be closing from September.1st – October.1st/2019. The programming needs to be redirected to create a more positive experience for youth and the greater community. With this closure, we hope the youth can reflect on their actions and come back to participate in a more productive and meaningful program.

We will be opening the doors in October with a different program. We will be taking the month of September to create this program and will inform youth, parents and the community of these changes as it evolves. Youth and parents can expect a change in the hours of the youth centre and the programming style.

We understand that these changes may not be the preference of all youth or families, however, we are making every effort to create a positive program where youth are both having fun and being safe.

Thank you for understanding our decision and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at the number listed above.



W.E. Graham Community Service Society Board of Directors



The Slocan Valley Youth Centre is focused on providing local members of the youth with a fun, safe, and inclusive environment. Open Friday and Saturday evenings from 7 pm – 11 pm  for ages 12-18 only.  Please note that this age change took place Jan 1 2019.

The Youth Centre staff are always looking for new and exciting ways to keep youth engaged. Drop in this weekend to see what is new! Like and follow our FaceBook and Instagram pages to stay in touch and see what is happening for youth in your community.

Have you heard about our Slocan Valley Youth Centre Van?

In 2014 the Slocan Valley Youth Network asked youth ages 12-19 yrs how they would spend a grant to enhance their experience growing up in the Slocan Valley. They wanted to improve access to transportation and they wanted to buy a bus. A 15 passenger van was purchased providing Slocan Valley Youth with free, reliable, and safe transportation up and down the Slocan Valley.

The van runs Fridays and Saturdays from 5:00 pm- 1:00 am. See our schedule for times.
** This is free transportation for Slocan Valley Youth, however,  all youth MUST sign the user agreement(can be picked up on first ride).

Click here for User Agreement 2018 Youth Van User Agreement


Can You…

Volunteer in-kind hours to drive a bus? Read more about our 15-seater bus from Community Directed Youth Funds. If you have a Class 4 drivers licence, please contact us.

Youth Centre Mission

  • To provide a safe and welcoming environment for youth.
  • To provide mentorship and a receptive ear to the problems and concerns of the young people we serve and to refer serious concerns to the administrators.
  • To alleviate the isolation felt by many rural at risk youth.
  • To be role models for youth in our communities.
  • To provide qualified on site First Aid.