Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, the Slocan Valley Food Cupboard provides supplemental groceries to those in need between 11am and 3pm.

We are located at 1001 Harold Street beside the WE Graham Community School. We serve the Slocan Valley from New Denver to Playmor Junction.

How It Works

Our Food Bank will continue to operate with Covid guidelines in place until further notice.

  •  Take your place in line for food distribution. 
  • Dress for the weather and bring your own bags/boxes.  We will serve you as quickly as possible but there may be some wait time outside.
  • Please bring proof of address when registering and the names and birth dates of everyone in the household.
  • Please practice physical distancing and stay 20’ back from the Food Bank door until your turn.


Delivery can be arranged if necessary but relies on our amazing volunteers so please arrange collection yourself if possible. Call (250 355 2484) or email (officemanager@wegcss.org) in advance to set up a delivery. 

We will need the following information:

  • Your full name and contact information  
  •  Number of people in your household (include children) 
  • Your physical address and directions for delivery 
  • Any food restrictions (i.e., gluten free, or vegetarian) 
  • Have you used the Food Bank already this year?  (If not, we have a one-page registration to go through with you over the phone).

If you need help urgently, need more information, or need other resources, please call us at 250 355 2484 Tues.-Fri. 9-4.

Our Values
  • We value honesty and integrity both with our staff, volunteers and with the public we serve.
  • We value working in partnership with the community and the local businesses throughout the Slocan Valley.
  • We value organizational resilience and believe that strong management practices are essential to our mission.
  • We value and respect those that we serve, and will not turn anyone away as long as we have food to distribute.
  • We value and appreciate our volunteers and staff.
  • We value and appreciate all the local businesses that support us both with food donations, time and general support.

If you would like to support the work of Slocan Valley Food Cupboard, find out more about donating time, money or food here.