Computer Access and WIFI

The Learning Centre provides computer and internet access for the community free of charge. The centre is currently open on Wednesdays 8.30am – 4.00pm, with Covid-19 Safety protocols in place.

Please note we operate on a first-come-first-serve limited number of patrons in the space at one time. These physical distancing and other measures are intended to minimize risk of possible virus transmission.

Patrons will be limited to two at once inside the Learning Centre and will be asked to use designated computer stations. If other people are waiting for computer time, there will be a 30 minute limit per person. Thanks for your help with this!

Free WIFI is always available on your own device outside the building, whether we are open or not.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see our copy service prices.

Our Learning Centre has been made possible by these generous funders & partners:


W.E. Graham Community School

Copy Services

B&W Printing
1-49 .15¢
50-99 .12¢
100-499 .11¢
500-999 .09¢
1000-2499 .08¢
2500+ .07¢
Colour Printing
Letter/Legal Ledger
1-9 $1.25 $1.25
10-49 .90¢ $1.10
50-99 .70¢ .90¢
100-499 .40¢ .70¢
500+ .30¢ .50¢
Wallet $1.00
Letter $2.00
Legal $2.50
Ledger $3.00
First Page .50¢
Additional Pages .20¢