Strong Start Update:
No indoor strong start at W.E Graham and Brent Kennedy at this time.

Please contact Strong Start facilitator Pati McLaughlin directly for information regarding when Strong Start will be back in particular schools.

From our Strong Start Facilitator Pati McLaughlin:
See below for our Covid 19-modified Strong Start activities.

Please feel free to email me with any feedback or suggestions!

Strong Start Schedule:

Strong Start follows the school calendar and does not run during spring or summer breaks. Currently Strong Start has programming Mon. – Thu. as follows:

Mondays and Thursdays – STRONG START STROLLS

We adventure to various parts of the Slocan Valley. We sing songs along the way; at one point we have a snack together and a few stories. Snacks provided, please bring your own water bottles and dress for the weather.


Join me via our Slocan Valley Strong Start page (like!) for an hour or so of songs and stories and connection.  Feel free to join anytime within that hour and stay as long as you like! 


Outdoor fun at the Expo Field Park. You will find crafts, snacks, stories, circle, games, and most of all, friends! Dress for the weather. There is rain shelter there too.

All programs begin at 10am. Expo Park is a drop in, arrive anytime and stay as long as you like; for the strolls, arrival by 10:15 is best so we can stay together. I always let people know which direction we are walking in case they need to catch up.

I send out locations of walks every month. Please email me at to be added to the correspondence list.
All adult participants are asked to follow COVID 19 safety guidelines. Please practice physical distancing, have a mask ready if needed and refrain from sharing food and beverages from home. I am permitted to organize groups of 5 to gather, so please let me know by email if you are interested in attending.

StrongStart BC programs provide rich learning environments designed for early learning development – language, physical, cognitive, social and emotional. Qualified early childhood educators lead learning activities where children find opportunity to make friends and interact with others of similar ages.

Participate with your young child (aged birth to five) in play-based, early learning activities – including stories, music and art. At no cost to families, this early learning drop-in program helps prepare children for success in Kindergarten.

The overall learning experience is shared as parents and caregivers attend with their children and are encouraged to get involved in activities like telling stories, playing games and serving healthy snacks. Join us to learn new ways to support your children’s learning, get information about community programs and services and make valuable connections with others attending the program.

We would like to thank our generous partners, funders and donors for all their support. Information on the organisations that support W.E.G.C.S.S. can be found on Our Generous Funders. If you would like to support our programs please find out more at Support us.