Kootenay Restorative Justice

Kootenay Restorative Justice (KRJ) operates in partnership with W.E.G.C.S.S. to provide restorative justice services to the Central Kootenays. W.E.G.C.S.S. is the managing partner and non-profit organization that provides administrative and financial oversight for KRJ.

What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative justice places emphasis on repairing harm caused by conflict and crime. Restorative justice involves the participation of those who have been harmed, those who have caused harm and the community affected by the crime in finding solutions that seek to repair harm and promote harmony. Cases are referred by the RCMP and delivered by the program as an alternative to the court system in BC.

About KRJ:

KRJ is a restorative justice program that inherently believes in the power of connections between people and the community.

KRJ offers restorative justice services with the RCMP model of restorative practices called the Community Accountability Program. The program operates in the areas surrounding Nelson, the villages of Salmo, Castlegar, Slocan, Winlaw, New Denver, Nakusp and the outlying communities in the West Kootenay. KRJ’s goal is to offer processes for the community to become involved in resolving issues around crimes committed in their communities through the practice of restorative justice.

KRJ Approach to Restorative Justice: Community Accountability Program

A restorative conference arranged by a facilitator can provide an atmosphere and format in which a meaningful human encounter between the victim, offender and community is possible, and significant characteristics of the criminal experience can be appropriately addressed.

The conference allows for the opening of safe channels of communication between participants which consider the individual rights, concerns and confidentiality of the people involved. Due to the sensitive nature of the cases, volunteers are expected to keep all information confidential and strive to treat all persons involved with respect and dignity.

KRJ Volunteer Opportunities

Facilitators are highly trained volunteers who deliver restorative justice services for cases referred to the program by the RCMP. Each volunteer is required to provide an application of interest and complete 20 hours of training with KRJ. Volunteers are mentored by a certified facilitator and supported to learn how to operate the conference process through co-facilitation sessions.

Becoming a facilitator is a rewarding experience and a wonderful way to enhance professional skills in the human service sector. Our volunteers include teachers, social workers, students, health care workers, youth workers and retired professionals.

If you have an interest in restorative justice, and a background in working in human services, please contact the KRJ Coordinator to learn more about volunteering.

To find out more please email Jennifer Kirk, Coordinator at; coordinator@kootenayrj.ca

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