Child and Youth Mental Health

Our Child and Youth Mental Health program runs Art Therapy sessions throughout the school year, through school facilities in the valley including W.E. Graham Community School,  Winlaw Elementary, Brent Kennedy Elementary. The sessions are facilitated by art therapist Seamus Gray, and funded through the Ministry for Children and Family Development.  

Art therapy involves a variety of art materials with which one can play and explore to communicate one’s needs through another form. There is no right or wrong way of making art in art therapy. The focus is on the process of the art making, not necessarily the outcome. You do not need to be an artist to participate, it only requires an interest and a willingness to try, to play and to be creative. Art therapy can help to enhance self esteem, communication skills, self-awareness, problem solving skills, assertiveness, stress reduction, coping skills, expression and acceptance of feelings, and social supports.

Art Therapy

We would like to thank our generous partners, funders and donors for all their support.