Tenacity skate park is open to adults, youth, and children. Open dawn to dusk.

Tenacity Park Rulz

  • Use at your own risk.
  • Wear safety gear – helmet, knee and elbow pads.
  • Parents are responsible for their children.
  • Slippery when wet.
  • Play hard, stay safe.

The park was built by Spectrum Skatepark Creations, Ltd. and officially opened in September, 2008.

Local Government Support: Regional District Central Kootenay Area H Slocan Valley; Village of Slocan

Grants from Organizations and Local Businesses: Polestar Calendars; Kootenay Slocan Lions Club; Slocan Winlaw Soccer Club; Slocan Valley Recreation Commission #8; Springer Creek Forest Products; Mountain Valley Station; BC Hydro; Columbia Basin Trust Youth Grant; Kootenay Savings Community Foundation; Slocan Valley Community Complex Society;
Vancouver Foundation, BC Gaming Commission; Heritage Credit Union

Business Support: Little Slocan Lodge; Harold Street Cafe; Eldorado Market; Logger Sports; Fomi’s Bakery; Blue Moon Saloon; Polestar Calendars; Caroline’s Place Pub

Individuals Involved in Fundraising: Adina Wollenberg; Lynnda Moore; Craig Roussain; Pascale Bonhomme; Emily Bonhomme; Luca Wegryniuk; Danny Henry; Scott Mossel; Sherry Adams; Linda Mossel; Kean Hayes; Nick Stelmacker; Wyatt Roussain; Adrian Heink; Jonathon Stelmacher; Matthew Stelmacker; Stephen Stelmacker; Geordi Campos; Ryan Knott; Jordan Knott; Tom Knott; Nina Knott; Alex Campbell; Robby Plante; Bruce Hayes; Angus McLellan; Sam King; Dan Bjerg; Kathie Robertson; Seth Shephard; Ayan Shepard; Erin Thornton; Tara Thornton; Michael Gabriel; Caroline Eaton; Tammy Sterling; Heather Burns; Claire Dickens; Paul Neglia; Judith Ceroli; Holly Jack; Laverne Booth; Damian Adams; Karlie Laboucan; Madeleine Perriere; Jill Kimmel; Carol-Ann Leidloff; Marion Hunter; Dorothy Hird; Dr M. Culham; Mark Kohl; Kaie Jacobs; Sandy Hetherington; Lorna Burns; Carol Hockley; Kaila Ellis; Koan Ellis; Joanne Ellis; Lori Thompson; Michelle Gordon; Mike Bateau; Caroline Hansen; Gina Picard; Sylvain Perriere; Gary Burns; Ed Roshinsky; Angus Burns; Janice Burns; Helen Kosowan; Conrad Wekwert; Ken Forsythe; Jacy Schindel; Andrea Traenenberg; Simone Schlichting; Ramon Rowland; Corrie Traenenberg; Maureen Miller; John Miller; Chance Ingram; Cody Garnier; Leland Bjerg; Chevy Wegryniuk; Yann Perriere; Avery Pryor; Evan Pryor; Gabrielle Miller & GUESTS

We would like to thank our generous partners, funders and donors for all their support. Information on the organisations that support W.E.G.C.S.S. can be found on Our Generous Funders. If you would like to support our programs please find out more at Support us.