Become a Member

W.E. Graham Community Service Society is based on its community membership. All members are entitled to vote at each AGM, and may put themselves forward to serve on the Board of Directors. An active and engaged membership is important to us, therefore we recently made the transition to a two-year membership scheme, passed at the 2022 AGM.

If you would like to become a member you can download our membership form below. It costs just $5 for a two year membership, to ensure you will be kept informed about, and have a say in your community services. Return the form to us at the address on the form, or by email. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer, to

Those who held memberships prior to the 2022 AGM will be contacted to renew their membership in January 2023.

W.E. Graham Community Service Society operates under a Board of Directors made up of 7 volunteers from our local community and membership. The Board meets on a monthly basis and upcoming Board meeting dates are posted below.

An Annual General Meeting, which all members and members of the community are welcome to attend, takes place once a year, the last meeting was held online via zoom on May 26th 2022.

Board of Directors 2022

Nicol Berinstein _Chair

Sandy Flynn – Vice Chair and Treasurer

Jen Evdokimoff – Director at Large

Jodi Forsyth-Oversby – Director at Large

Jordan Knott – Director at Large

Sarah Watts- Director at Large

Perry Weir – Director at Large

Upcoming Board Meeting Dates

Monday November 21, 9am

Monday December 19, 9am

Monday January 16, 9am

Monday February 20, 9am

Monday March 20, 9am

Monday April 17, 9am

We would like to thank our generous partners, funders and donors for all their support. Information on the organisations that support W.E.G.C.S.S. can be found on Our Generous Funders. If you would like to support our programs please find out more at Support us.