Slocan Valley Food Cupboard

Slocan Valley Food Cupboard

Slocan Valley Food Cupboard is open on the first and third Thursdays of each month, from 11am – 3pm at 1001 Harold Street, by the W.E. Graham Community School. See our calendar to check dates. 

Bring your own bags and/or boxes. We cannot provide boxes for everyone.

Be aware that we provide heavy canned and dried goods, as well as fresh and frozen produce that needs refrigeration. Make sure you have a way to get all these things home safely and promptly.

    • We operate on a first come first serve basis, when you arrive please take a number to secure your place in the queue.
    • Please note: If you are not there when your number is called, we will move on to the next number to keep the line moving.
    • We reserve the right to invite any individual we believe may not be able to wait in line, for whatever reason, to be served sooner, at the discretion of food bank staff.
    • Please be respectful of our staff and volunteers at all times.

  • Slocan Valley Food Cupboard can provide supplemental food to anyone resident in the Slocan Valley, from New Denver to Playmor Junction.
  • To register you will need to provide proof of address, and the names and ages of everyone in your household. Completing the registration form helps provide statistics that maintain our funding.
  • Registration must be renewed every two years. If you have not completed a registration form in the past two years you will be asked to do so again to ensure our information is up to date.
  • Please let us know if your circumstances change – for example a new baby!
  • You may ask a friend to collect a box on your behalf. This must be arranged beforehand. Call 250-355-2484 in the week before food bank, at the latest by 4pm on the Wednesday. Make sure you speak to someone directly or leave your phone number so that we can call you back. Let us know the name of the person collecting your box, and what you need/don’t need in your box
  • Please note: Calling on the day of food bank to arrange collection puts additional pressure on our staff and we cannot accommodate this.
  • Sometimes it may be possible to arrange collection outside of regular food bank hours if you have a genuine reason why you cannot attend.
  • If you are housebound, and unable to arrange regular collection please call us on 250-355-2484 to discuss the possibility of delivery, this service is dependent on our amazing volunteers. 
  • If you need help urgently, need more information, or need other resources, please call us at 250 355 2484 Tuesday -Friday 9am -4pm.
  • We value honesty and integrity both with our staff, volunteers and with the public we serve.
  • We value working in partnership with the community and the local businesses throughout the Slocan Valley.
  • We value organizational resilience and believe that strong management practices are essential to our mission.
  • We value and respect those that we serve, and will not turn anyone away as long as we have food to distribute.
  • We value and appreciate our volunteers and staff
  • We value and appreciate all the local businesses that support us both with food donations, time and general support.

If you would like to support the work of Slocan Valley Food Cupboard, find out more about donating time, money or food here.

Slocan Valley Food Cupboard is an affiliate food bank of Food Banks BC and Food Banks Canada and as such adheres to the Ethical Food Banking Code 

Slocan Valley Food Cupboard Registration

    Please note: This information is used for record keeping and statistical purposes through Link2feed, a secure cloud-based software recommended by Food Banks Canada. Providing this information helps generate statistics that ensure continued support and funding for our Food Bank. If you are uncomfortable sharing any of this information just check “Undisclosed.” As the primary client, please fill in your own details and information on those in your household for whom you will be collecting food.

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    We would like to thank our generous partners, funders and donors for all their support.